Topcon ES-65 5" Reflectorless w/Bluetooth
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Single Disiplay-Topcon Format Keys

Key Features:

Fast and Powerful EDM

350 m non-prism (1,148ft)

4000m prism (13,120ft)

Battery 15 HRS

Rugged waterproof IP66 design

Temerature specification -20 to + 60 C

Laser pointer (Red Coaxial) 

Bluetooth communications (10m distance to data collector)

RS-232 Hirose connector

USB 2.0 host and slave for easy data transfers

Single graphical backlit LCD Display

Quick and easy tigger key

Topcon style horizontal and vertical locking tangents

25 key keyboad with 4-way directional backlit arrow key


  • Item #: T1016947-10
  • Condition: New

Topcon ES-65 5" Reflectorless w/Bluetooth

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