Sokkia iM-55 , 5" Reflector-less Total Station
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Sokkia iM-55 , 5" Reflector-less Total Station

The iM-50 Series is the perfect entry-level site layout and survey tool offering reliability and flexibility without sacrificing cost or functionality.

The sleek design is built tough, with a water and dustproof IP66 rating, integrated Bluetooth® capability and an internal antenna, enabling you to deliver measurements cable-free to your data controller, streamlining your equipment weight and workflow.

The iM-50 is also armed with a top line EDM, generous internal memory storage, and SDRbasic on-board software so you have everything you need to get the job done out in the field.

  • Integrated Construction and Survey Application Software 
  • Fast, accurate, and powerful EDM
  • Reflectorless up to 500m
  • Prism range up to 4,000 m
  • Advanced angle accuracy (2" or 5")
  • Single display
  • Instrument weighs 11.24 lb



USB Memory Up to 32 GB
Internal Memory 50,000 points
Reflectorless Up to 500 m 
Prism Range Up to 4,000 m
Measuring Time Fast measuring time -
Fine: 0.9 s (Initial 1.7 s)
Rapid: 0.7 s (Initial 1.4 s)
Tracking 0.3 s (Initial 1.4 s)
Battery Life Up to 14 hours of battery life in Eco mode.


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  • Condition: New

Sokkia iM-55 , 5" Reflector-less Total Station

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