Seco, Spray Can Holder w/ Pockets #8098-10-ORG
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Seco, Spray Can Holder w/ Pockets

  • The SECO Spray Can Holder has pockets which will hold a folding ruler pocket with Velcro safety strap; two large marker pens; other pens, pencils, etc
  • Made of strong 1000D Cordura and will resist tears and abrasions
  • Paint can pocket now has a Velcro safety strap
  • The can pocket opening is lined with a stiffener for easy in and out
  • The main body also features a heavy-duty, 2-in-wide belt loop
  • Will hold a standard paint can (or two 12 ounce drink cans)
  • Orange with khaki trim
  • Weighs 0.10 lb (0.05 kg)


  • Item #: SECO8098-10-ORG
  • Condition: New

Seco, Spray Can Holder w/ Pockets #8098-10-ORG

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